Bowleaze Cove, Fishing for Bass

Bowleaze Cove is situated approximately 2 miles to the east of Weymouth town centre. During summer months it is very popular with families so serious sea angling on sunny days can be a problem but not impossible. This is made worse by the operation of jet-skis from the eastern end and sail boarding from the western end.

However, from early evening onwards, fishing here can be productive. Bass is the species to target and they can be caught with plugs or with large squid baits. There is a line of rocks forming a reef close inshore and bass roam along them looking for prey. If you cast out too far you will lose your trace for certain but you should aim to drop the bait as close as possible to the rocks without actually hitting them. Depending on the state of the tide this can be as little as 25 yards or as much as 60 yards. At the eastern end of Bowleaze Cove, near the Riviera Hotel, there is a small pier. The reef starts about 75 yards to the right (westwards) of this and runs the complete length of the beach ending just past the Oasis Café Bistro. Bass fishing is best at a spot in the middle of the beach where there is a small break in the rocks.

During July or August, if you are very lucky, you might find that you are fishing on the rare occasions when a shoal of mackerel drive tiny fish inshore. You can find these fry beaching themselves on the sand in their attempts to escape from the predators. Plugging at this time will provide almost continuous sport with mackerel and bass. I must stress that this site is not normally productive of mackerel, as the water is too shallow for their liking.

At the extreme eastern end of Bowleaze Cove, past the Riviera Hotel, the shore is very rocky. You can fish from there but the water is very shallow and full of weed. I have not found this to be a very productive spot. However, further round is Redcliffe Point which is an excellent spot for catching large bass. It is a difficult place to reach and not suitable if you have a family in tow!

Bowleaze Cove viewed from the top of Furzey Cliffs

Bowleaze Cove viewed from the top of Furzey Cliffs (Bowleaze Open Space). The underwater reef can be clearly seen as a dark line just offshore.


By Car

From the town centre drive eastwards along the Esplanade (the sea should be on your right) when you reach St John's church the road veers left and then divides into two. Keep in the right hand lane following the signs to Wareham. You should then find yourself travelling again on the beach road. At the end of this stretch the main road turns inland sharply to the left. On this bend turn right up the hill. This is Bowleaze Coveway. You can park on one side of the road without charge or restriction. Access to the beach is at either end of the road.

By Bus

A seasonal service (from Easter to the end of October) runs from the King's Statue in Weymouth to the end of Bowleaze Coveway at the Waterside Holiday Park. Outside this time the service runs from the King's Statue to Preston. Alight at Overcombe Corner which is opposite the end of Bowleaze Coveway.

Facilities in the Area

There are two cafes in the area; The Café Oasis which operates at the entrance to Bowleaze Coveway and the Lookout Café on the large green at the top of the cliffs.

The grass area at the top of the cliffs is known as the Bowleaze open space and is popular for kite flying, admiring the view (over all of Weymouth and the bay), family cricket, football etc. or just lazing about.

There are also family activities such as a helter-skelter, go-carts etc. as well as jet-skis for hire. These are all situated near the Waterside Holiday Park at the far end of the Coveway.

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